4 Reasons To Hire a Professional To Pave Your Company’s Parking Lot

Why should you hire a professional asphalt contractor to pave or repave your company’s parking lot? Are you a small business owner who is always searching for ways to cut costs? A DIY paving job is not the place to start. If your lot needs a serious overhaul, take a look at the top reasons to hire a professional for your commercial job.

  1. You’re a Professional Too

The asphalt contractor isn’t the only professional in this equation. You’re a professional too. As a small business owner, you have an image you likely want to project. This image is a polished, professional look that extends past the services you offer and out the door of your commercial property.

The parking lot is often the first experience customers have with a business. If your lot is in the front of your building, it can also add to (or take away from) the building’s overall curb appeal. A poorly maintained lot with potholes, crumbling pavement, uneven edges, gaps, poorly painted parking space lines, or anything else that doesn’t look professional can turn potential clients and customers away.

An asphalt paving contractor can upgrade an existing parking lot or help you to create a brand new one. Whether your lot has cracks, potholes, sagging spots, or is another material (such as gravel or dirt), a professional contractor can reconstruct the base, make sure the lot is level, eliminate aesthetic issues, and create a finished-looking, smooth design.

  1. You Want To Add Value to Your Commercial Property

An old lot that’s filled with dirt, weeds, and crumbling asphalt won’t add to the value of your company’s property. If you plan to sell your small business or the land that it’s on, a professionally paved parking lot could help to maximize your profit. A professional can address underlying issues (such as a subsiding base layer or drainage problems), apply high-quality products, and create an even surface that does more than just catches a buyer’s eye.

The professionally renovated lot will show that you care for your company’s property. This can translate into the way the potential buyer views the building and the surrounding land.

  1. You Want To Use the Best Materials for the Job

Which asphalt materials will make your company’s lot a long-lasting part of the property, reduce the risks of sagging, and keep the lot free of accident-causing holes or pits? If you’re not a paving professional, you might not have the answers to these questions. An asphalt contractor knows which materials to use under different conditions, has access to high-quality products, and may offer a warranty.

  1. You’re Worried You’ll Make Mistakes

Does the YouTube video you watched on asphalt parking lot paving give you pause? This type of job is not easy for anyone other than an experienced contractor. While it may seem as easy as shoveling black top onto your company’s lot and smoothing the surface, asphalt repaving and paving is a much more complex (and scientific) process.

The type of mix, temperature of the products, outdoor air temperature, ground-level or surface temperature, humidity level, weather, general climate, and paving process can affect both the form and function of your asphalt parking lot. If you don’t know or fully understand how these factors work together (or don’t work together) and the precise science of paving, you could end up making serious mistakes.

The mistakes novice DIYers make can result in anything from minor chips and small cracks to serious structural failures. These can destroy your company’s parking lot or put your customers at risk. A professional paving contractor can help you to avoid the potential mistakes that you could make during the prep or paving process.

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