4 Reasons To Hire a Professional To Pave Your Company’s Parking Lot

Why should you hire a professional asphalt contractor to pave or repave your company’s parking lot? Are you a small business owner who is always searching for ways to cut costs? A DIY paving job is not the place to start. If your lot needs a serious overhaul, take a look at the top reasons…
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4 Considerations Before You Create a Parking Lot

Planning to create a parking lot may seem like a straightforward task, but the reality is that it involves careful thought and consideration. If you want to build a parking lot for a commercial establishment, making informed decisions during the planning phase will significantly impact its functionality, efficiency, and overall success. Here are four key…
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The Importance of Pavement Upkeep for Your Apartment Complex

As a property manager, you are responsible for maintaining the safety and appearance of your apartment complex. One important aspect of this responsibility is ensuring that the pavement in your parking lots and walkways is in good condition. Neglecting pavement upkeep can not only harm your reputation but also negatively impact the safety of your…
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What Causes Potholes in Parking Lots?

Municipalities and commercial property owners are complaining about the increasing incidents of potholes in parking lots. The potholes typically begin as small openings or cracks in the pathway but eventually expand. Failure to quickly fix the pothole can lead to accidents in the parking lot and damage to vehicles. Here are common causes of potholes…
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What Are the Primary Causes of Fast Asphalt Surface Deterioration?

Once you install asphalt pavement or a parking lot, you expect it to last several years without getting major damage. Of course, the surface will wear out naturally due to exposure to environmental elements, but the wear and tear should occur progressively. Distorted and broken pavements look unkempt and tacky and may cause severe damage…
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Asphalt Overlay Vs. Replacement – Note The Differences

Asphalt pavements offer numerous perks like aesthetics, durability, noise reduction, and safety. However, the benefits do not make asphalt damage-proof. A time comes when your pavement deteriorates, perhaps due to age, the weather, or lack of maintenance. If your asphalt pavement shows signs of tear, you may be torn between two restoration processes: overlay and…
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