What Are the Benefits of Line Stripping Your Commercial Parking Lot?

After paving and seal coating your parking lot, the next step often involves line stripping. Parking lot stripping is the process of painting lines or other symbols on parking areas to guide moving vehicles and mark parking spots.

Some business owners tend to overlook this step. However, that should not be the case since line stripping offers several benefits. This article highlights the benefits of line stripping your commercial parking lot.

Enhance Safety

Safety is likely the main reason your parking lot requires line stripping. Parking lot stripes guide pedestrians and motorists on where to walk or drive. Additionally, the stripes direct your customers and employees where to park. If drivers are confused about where to park or which way to go, they may cause accidents.

Accidents on your property are the last thing you may want as a business owner since they may damage your reputation. You may also be held liable for property damages or medical bills for injuries that happen during the accident. Additionally, you may pay for emotional damages and lost wages, leading to financial hardship.

Enhance Curb Appeal

When customers visit your property, your parking lot is probably the first thing they’ll notice. If your parking lot doesn’t have proper markings, your visitors could have a negative first impression of your business.

You can instantly increase curb appeal and give your company a more welcoming appearance through parking lot stripping. The stark white, yellow, and blue lines that most businesspeople use to mark parking lots contrast sharply with the dark pavement, creating a striking visual effect.

Maximize Your Parking Space

As a business, you may experience those days when a lot of customers visit your business. If most of your customers have vehicles, you may run out of parking space. This scenario can create a bad impression of your business.

To avoid such issues, create enough parking space for your customers. One way to create enough parking space is by marking your parking lot.

When marking your parking lot, paving contractors plan for the project to ensure the available space can accommodate the maximum number of vehicles. Most importantly, the contractors ensure that the parking spaces can accommodate vehicles of any size, including SUVs and sedans.

Maintain Compliance

Parking lot stripping is a legal requirement for all businesses. When marking their parking lot, business owners should follow various guidelines.

For instance, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), business owners should allocate a certain number of parking spaces to people who are disabled, depending on the total number of parking spaces available. You should also clearly mark the parking spots designated for people with disabilities to avoid confusion.

When stripping your parking lot, confirm with the local authority requirements since these rules differ from one place to another. Moreover, you’ll ensure your parking lot stripes comply with the latest guidelines since the rules change regularly. Otherwise, you may have to restripe your parking lot.

Prevent Door Dings

A door ding normally occurs when your vehicle’s door hits another car’s side panel, especially when parked side by side. If your parking lot doesn’t have markings, your customers are likely to park their cars near each other. When one of them opens the door, it may get a ding.

With parking lot stripping, door dings often won’t be an issue. Paving contractors normally leave enough space between the stripes when stripping your parking lot according to the legal guidelines. As a result, the vehicles won’t easily come into contact with each other.

If you own a commercial property, marking your parking lot is your responsibility. For more information on the benefits of parking lot line stripping, contact Pinnacle Paving & Sealing.

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