7 Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

A good location and a parking lot are a recipe for success for businesses regardless of the size and industry. Parking and location translate to speed and convenience for the consumer, which could play a role in increasing your sales.

While you cannot change your location, you have the power to create enough parking for your customers. If you own a business, maintaining your parking is something you should consider. Your customers will likely pay more attention to your parking when it has issues, so you want to avoid those. Read on to discover vital parking tips you should always have in mind.

  1. Regular Inspection Is Key

Even though your parking may look good, common pavement problems such as frost heaving, cracking, settlement, and raveling might occur unexpectedly. That is why you should always inspect your lot to spot and deal with any of these issues before things get out of hand. As you sweep through the parking area, always make sure to keep a record of the problems you encounter and repair each problem early on. For example, a small pothole may seem minor today, but it can quickly get out of hand and require expensive repairs.

  1. Keep It Clean

Debris can harm your parking lot’s appearance and cause serious safety issues to both the pedestrians and cars using it. Moreover, it will reduce its life and prevent drainage, causing standing water problems on the pavement. If you don’t address the situation quickly, water will seep into the pavement and form potholes and cracks.

  1. Maintain Proper Drainage

Although you might not realize it, proper drainage is an essential element of your parking area. An effective drainage system speeds up water flow and prevents standing water, which can lead to flooding. Moreover, it keeps the parking area attractive and maintains its stability. It also enhances the durability of your parking area by preventing standing water. Efficient drainage systems also prevent bleeding, raveling, cracking, and rutting.

  1. Seal Cracks Immediately

If you have a crack in your parking surface, you should never ignore it and let it get out of hand. Ensure you seal it as soon as possible to prevent water and debris from getting into the subgrade layer of your parking surface.

Talk to expert paving specialists who will give you the best solution according to your budget and future recommendations. Sealing cracks as soon as you notice them will safeguard the safety of the cars and pedestrians on your parking lot.

  1. Clean Out Oil and Gasoline Drippings

Oil and gasoline drippings can cause permanent damage to the surface of your parking lot. These materials contain strong chemicals that can weaken the bond that holds concrete and asphalt together. It weakens the surface and causes massive deterioration. This is why you need to remove gasoline and oil drippings immediately to protect the stability of the surface.

  1. Direct Cars and Traffic

Traffic flow in your parking lot is essential. Failure to direct traffic can lead to injuries, death, and damage to your lot. Use line markings and signage to designate parking spots and direct the flow of traffic. A smooth flow of traffic can prevent injuries and damage to your parking area. Not only that, but it will also save you from liabilities.

  1. Get Professional Help

Hiring professionals to build and maintain your parking area is the right approach because professionals provide top-quality and seamless paving solutions to keep your parking lot in its best condition.

Whether you need help building a parking lot or you want to keep your existing parking area in its best condition, Pinnacle Paving and Sealing is ready to help. Our experienced and certified paving experts will create a parking lot that will last decades. Contact us for excellent work at a competitive price.

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