4 Great Reasons to Pave Your Dirt Parking Lot

If you only have a dirt parking lot that has served you for years, you might be tempted to leave it like that. However, an asphalt parking lot can bring your business considerable benefits. Consider these four great reasons to pave your dirt parking lot with asphalt.

  1. Enhance Customers’ Confidence and Opinions

Any customers who come to your business and see a dirt parking lot might assume that you don’t have the money to pave or you don’t care enough about your business to pave. Either of these assumptions can have negative consequences.

Instead, if you decide to pave, customers will see that you have both business income and pride in your property. That way, they’ll often have more confidence in and a quality impression of your business, which can lead to increased foot traffic, referrals, or spending.

Customers are the lifeblood of your business, so ensure that they come flocking with high opinions and correct assumptions. A transformed parking lot can often do just that.

  1. Avoid Storm Damage

If a heavy storm hits your property, a dirt parking lot can turn into a disaster zone afterward. A normally hard-packed lot might develop into an area filled with puddles, mud, holes, and rocks.

If so, then people visiting the property might experience slippery tracks, which can lead to them falling and sustaining injuries or muddy clothes. Their cars might also get stuck. Rocks might also lead to injuries or car damage, and standing water that doesn’t dry soon might attract pests. And any large-enough holes can also be a danger to you, employees, and customers.

Instead, with asphalt parking lots, the water often dries up faster, the ground isn’t as muddy, and you have less chances of holes and rocks. Although asphalt parking lots can develop potholes after long-term water exposure, any person who maintains their asphalt will have significantly lower problems.

  1. Increase the Value of Your Property

A new asphalt parking lot will usually increase the curb appeal of your overall property. Curb appeal can, in turn, lead to quality first impressions or increased foot traffic.

Although paving a parking lot will cost initially, it will often pay off in the long run. Whether your newly paved parking lot results in more customers, increased customer spending, or simply an increase in your property value, an asphalt parking lot can prove advantageous for you.

  1. Organize and Beautify Your Property

You have a myriad of options to enhance your property when you decide to pave your parking lot. How? Two main goals to keep in mind is organization and beautification.


A dirt parking lot is often a free-for-all parking lot, where people simply choose or squeeze into whatever space they can. With an asphalt parking lot, you usually put stripes and signs directing where people can park, turn, enter, or exit. That way, you can better organize parking and traffic, often leading to safer and easier-to-navigate parking lots.


Parking lot design opens up a world of possibilities. For example, instead of just having a straightforward asphalt parking lot, you can also incorporate landscaping that beautifies, organizes, and invites people in. Some common landscaping you can put in your parking lot includes trees (especially customer-friendly ones that can provide shade for sunny days), shrubs, flowers, or grass.

Landscaping might be around the edges of your parking lot or be part of the parking lot itself in self-contained garden beds. Discuss with your parking lot pavers how you can best achieve this and if you need to hire a separate landscaping company to do this.

Pave Your Parking Lot Today

Whether you have a dirt or older asphalt parking lot, we can provide you with a new one today. Please contact us to discuss your parking lot paving needs today.

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