Tips to Extend Your Commercial Asphalt Pavement’s Life Cycle

Whereas asphalt is durable and withstands heavy use, exposure to harmful elements contributes to its deterioration. Therefore, you should take good care of your property’s pavement to ensure it lasts longer than it normally would. Below are some tips to increase your asphalt pavement’s life cycle.

Ensure Proper Installation

Hire a reliable contractor to install your asphalt pavement so that you can save your investment. Do your due diligence and ensure you settle for the best company. For example, you can look for the business history and photos of previously done work.

When an expert properly installs your pavement, you can avoid issues that arise from poor installation. For example, bumps and uneven surfaces give room for still waters to stand and susceptibility to frequent cracks.

Clean Regularly

Sweep and wash your pavements regularly. If you get rid of the dirt, you prevent debris-related damage. In addition, trash can block or redirect water’s normal runoff pattern.

Additionally, you can spot cracks and drainage issues on a clean pavement early enough and prevent the proliferation of the issues.

Ensure Proper Drainage

Asphalt and still waters don’t mix. This is because still water seeps beneath and under the pavement and makes it soft or reduces the stiffness of subgrade soil. In addition, the pavement becomes susceptible to cracks, breaks, and potholes.

During winter, get rid of the snow and ice. Frozen water expands the cavity and creates space for more water. When the water thaws, the pavement can collapse into a pothole. You should preferably use eco-friendly and natural options that don’t interfere with the salinity of the water.

Sealcoat and Fill Cracks

When you apply a seal coat, you preserve and protect your asphalt pavement from the air, moisture, UV rays, and chemical spills. In addition, your pavement becomes smooth and easier to clean and maintain.

Small cracks may not seem like a major issue, but they allow detrimental elements to penetrate your asphalt. When chemicals and water spill through the cracks, they oxidize and create larger cracks that will cost you a great deal in repairs.

Overlay or Replace the Asphalt

Patch-ups and repairs may not work in some circumstances. For instance, in cases where the pavement is completely faded or worn out beyond redemption. On the other hand, properly done overlays extend the life cycle.

Replacement addresses the root issues and enhances safety if the pavement causes frequent slips and falls. If your commercial property has new businesses or different traffic intensity, you may have to replace the pavement or overlay to support the new patterns.

Control the Load and Strip the Lines

Let large vehicles like heavy delivery and garbage trucks access your property only when they have to. These vehicles are weighty and can exert too much pressure on your pavement. You can limit their presence on your property if you ensure the garbage is closer to the road or in a place where the trucks don’t have to drive over the pavement to reach it.

If the technicality of your business requires you to let heavyweight vehicles gain access, monitor places that suffer constant pressure. An increase in load causes pavement failures. If you notice areas with high traffic on the pavement are worn out, repaint the strips to reduce pressure on the said areas.

Kill Weeds

You probably think that weeds are harmless plants that have no impact on your pavement, but they do in a significant way. If you don’t control the weeds, their roots spread beneath the pavement and, with time, can cause cracks and hazards that can trip you.


When you care for asphalt properly, it lasts long. However, sometimes, issues arise due to improper installation. For that reason, you need to hire an excellent expert to install or repair it for you. Pinnacle Paving has you covered if you need any help with your pavement problems.