Signs You Should Resurface Your Commercial Parking Lot

Commercial parking lots have a substantial impact on your business, from enhancing curb appeal to creating a good first impression and increasing foot traffic. However, parking lots wear out with time due to inclement weather, heavy use, chemical exposure, and climate.

A good way to enhance the appearance of your parking lot and keep it functional and safe is to resurface it. If you are uncertain whether your parking lot requires resurfacing, look out for these signs.

Faded Stripes

Your parking lot is an ideal candidate for resurfacing if the stripes are not visible. Due to heavy use, the stripes become faded and harder to see. As a result, your customers may struggle to park their vehicles, and the probability of accidents and incidents can increase significantly. Resurfacing ensures that these essential parking lot features remain bright, fresh, and visible.


Potholes on your parking lot are both an eyesore and bad for business. They can damage customers’ vehicles, ruin your reputation, and cause tripping accidents and liability. If potholes start to form on your parking lot, call a professional to resurface and repair the potholes and ensure your lot is safe and welcoming to guests.

Water Puddles

Stagnant water can be problematic in your parking lot in two ways. First, it damages the surface coating, and, over time, makes its way to the subgrade, potentially causing structural problems. Second, parking lots with puddles pose safety concerns for pedestrians.

A common cause of puddles on commercial parking is poor drainage. During resurfacing, experts can identify and rectify water drainage issues. As a result, your parking lot stays in top-notch condition and serves you for a long time.

Dents and Divots

Commercial parking lots can experience constant use by heavy trucks, trailers, and equipment, especially near loading docks and delivery zones. As these trucks turn, they cause intense pressure on the surface, resulting in warping, dents, and divots. Resurfacing can solve these issues for a smooth and beautiful parking lot.

Aged Appearance

With exposure to severe weather, your commercial parking lot can fade and become lighter. Strong UV rays are notorious for wearing parking lots, leaving them brittle, dull, and lifeless. Oil spillage, chemicals, and vehicular fluids can also cause unsightly stains. Resurfacing gives your parking lot a facelift so it looks uniform and appealing.


When you notice loose rocks and debris on your asphalt parking lot, it is due for resurfacing. While natural wear causes asphalt to ravel, other factors like inadequate compaction and aggregate segregation can accelerate it. Raveling indicates that the binder is breaking down, and a new layer of asphalt is necessary.


Asphalt parking lots can last between 20 and 30 years. If your parking lot is less than 20 years old, you can resurface it to increase its appeal, prolong its lifespan, improve drainage, and prevent deterioration. As long as your lot’s foundation is strong and intact, resurfacing is an excellent maintenance task.


Poor installation, water infiltration, sun damage, and heavy vehicles can cause parking lots to crack. Pooling water, for instance, can reach the parking lot’s surface and destabilize it, causing cracks. Overlooking small cracks is detrimental since they can grow into alligator cracks. Resurfacing repairs cracks effectively and prevents them from widening and deepening.

Crumbling Edges

Consider resurfacing if the edges of your commercial parking lot start to crumble and break apart. Crumbling edges are unattractive and emit dangerous debris like huge pieces of asphalt. This debris can also injure pedestrians and harm vehicles. Resurfacing addresses this problem by using protective barriers like curbs and gutter systems.

Resurfacing is an excellent way to give your parking lot a facelift and save time and money. Get in touch with Pinnacle Paving & Sealing for commercial parking lot resurfacing in Cincinnati, OH. Our team of licensed contractors provides high-quality and durable asphalt paving services.

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