Signs You Should Repave Your Parking Lot

Parking lots wear out after some time, even if they are made from durable materials. Therefore, you should repave your parking space, especially if you want to create a great impression and increase the resale value of your property.

Most commercial property owners don’t know when to resurface their parking areas. This article highlights signs that you should consider repaving your parking lot.

Winter Season 

Rain and snow harm parking lots; they always speed up their deterioration process. Hence, if you live in an area that experiences heavy precipitation or snow, repave your parking lot before the season commences. Ensure you do this earlier, probably in summer or spring, so that your parking lot can get enough time to cure.

Faded Color

If certain parts of your parking lot have faded or formed stripes, you need to repave it. Faded color is a sign that your topcoat is wearing off. Sometimes you might even see the pattern of the underneath material. This problem is often a result of sun damage.

Most commercial property owners don’t realize that the construction materials used in parking lots are affected by sun rays over time. Newly paved parking spaces are usually dark and rich in color, but they begin to fade after being exposed to the sun.

Further exposure leads to patches. If this illustration suits the current state of your parking lot, repave it to restore it to its original state.


If you have visible cracks in your parking lot, you should repave it. Cracks can occur naturally due to age, but most of them are the effects of natural elements. In any case, big cracks can cause fender benders or make it hard for cars to park. Thus, you need to resurface them to retain smooth parking pavement.

You should always fix cracks and fissures on time. This is because cracks can significantly damage the integrity of your entire parking lot if left unattended for long.

Uneven Surface

Parking lots at times form puddles, especially when it rains. This can happens due to various reasons such as inflexibility of the material or poor water drainage. Pools make a parking area look unattractive, and car owners could find it hard to drive around. Therefore, you should repave it if you notice the surface is uneven.


Potholes are a significant indicator that a parking lot needs to be resurfaced. Potholes often get worse during the rainy seasons because they hold water and cause splashes every time a car passes by. If your company’s parking lot is full of potholes, you might ruin your firm’s business and lose some clients to competitors due to this problem

Don’t refill the potholes only because you will have an uneven packing lot surface with different color gradations, which is unpleasant. Therefore, a complete resurfacing is the best option in this case.


Heavy vehicles cause dents, particularly if they are parked for an extended period. Dents can also be caused by towing cars or trailers. If your business deals with the transport of bulky goods, dents might be a problem because of the heavy vehicles at your business premises.

Dents also form water pools on the pavement when it rains, which could lead to accidents. You need to repave your parking lot before the dents and divots damage its worth.

Adherence to the standard parking lot maintenance procedures can help minimize dents, cracks, and potholes. However, your parking lot will undoubtedly wear off gradually over time. But don’t worry. Our company offers reliable repaving services to restore your parking lot. Contact us today for a freshly paved parking lot.

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