Asphalt Seal Coating

Does your driveway need seal coating?  We are one of Cincinnati’s best paving and seal companies.  Let us seal any of your hard surfaces around your home.  We have the experts that know how to seal your driveway easily and efficiently.

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Asphalt seal coating is a sealer that is spread on top of the existing asphalt to create a temporary protective layer.  This protective layer guards against weather, vehicle leaks such as gasoline, oil or antifreeze and other liquids.  Seal coating works on any hard surface, including, driveways, sidewalks patios and many more.

Seal coating the surfaces prevents problems, such as, the buckling of the asphalt caused by water freezing, Vehicle spillage like gasoline.  Gasoline will penetrate through asphalt creating cracks, potholes and flaking, depending on the size of the spillage

Seal Coating lasts many years when done correctly and we recommend regular treatments.  Check your asphalt or seal coating regularly, at least once a year.  The more coats of protectant the longer your original asphalt will last.