Improving Efficiency Within Your Commercial Parking Lot

Commercial parking lots influence operating efficiency. Most parking lots are often busy during working hours as businesses receive stock and release customers’ orders. The high traffic characterizing commercial parking lots poses efficiency challenges that impact a business’s productivity.

Thus, businesses should implement remedies that foster efficiency within their parking lots. Continue reading this blog to understand how businesses may modify their commercial parking lots for efficient operations.

Demarcate the Parking Lot According to Use and Traffic Flow

Businesses should demarcate their parking lots into several zones depending on operational requirements and traffic. For example, the loading zone should be separate from the customers’ parking area. Otherwise, customers may park in the loading zone, disrupting operations. You do not want to waste time inquiring from every customer on the premises whether they are the owners of the vehicle obstructing the loading zone.

Second, businesses should assign vehicles carrying heavy loads to parking areas nearest to the road. Heavy vehicles exert excess pressure on your commercial parking lot, causing severe wear and tear. Thus, you should limit their access to your commercial parking lot as much as possible.

Moreover, businesses should ensure that parking areas holding heavy vehicles have a thick asphalt coating to support the load. The same applies to high-traffic areas like drive-throughs. Otherwise, businesses may have to hire paving contractors every few months to add an asphalt coating.

Mark the Parking Zones Clearly to Direct Drivers

Commercial parking lots should have visible striping and safety markings to guide drivers’ movements. Issues such as double parking, parking on pathways and curbs, and parking in restricted zones may disrupt movements within a parking lot. Moreover, double parking may reduce the number of vehicles that can fit in the parking lot, prompting clients to opt for alternative businesses.

Businesses may also use road signs to direct traffic within their parking lots. For example, businesses should indicate one-way parkways to avoid snarl-ups arising from reversing or oncoming vehicles. Other signs may caution drivers against parking in restricted areas, making U-turns, or driving beyond certain speed limits.

Businesses should also remember to designate adequate space for disabled parking. Mark the area clearly so that it is visible to drivers. Demarcating an area for disabled parking shows that your business is inclusive and caters to its clients’ needs.

Repair Paving Cracks Timely

Weather elements and heavy traffic predispose commercial parking lots to cracks. Businesses should seal emerging cracks timely to prevent their deterioration to potholes. Dilapidated pavements and parking lots cause unnecessary traffic as vehicles tend to slow down. Moreover, potholes are unsuitable for businesses dealing with delicate products such as glassware.

Businesses should also regularly assess their parking lots to identify worn-out areas and schedule asphalt repairs in a timely manner. The paving contractors may seal the cracks and potholes or recommend applying a new asphalt coating across the parking lot. The goal is to eliminate obstacles that undermine efficient operations within the parking lot.

Installing Adequate Lighting

Proper lighting is an integral factor for businesses that operate around the clock. A well-lit parking lot eases vehicle movement in several ways. First, drivers can maneuver the pavements and parking lots without crashing into other parked vehicles. Proper lighting also prevents drivers from running over pedestrians, which may expose a business to personal injury claims.

Second, proper lighting ensures signs and markings are visible even at night. You do not want customers to leave their cars in the disabled parking area because they did not see the markings.

Businesses Seeking More Information

Parking lots influence operating efficiency. Thus, businesses should optimize their commercial parking lots to foster their productivity. Contact Pinnacle Paving & Sealing today for tailored parking lot solutions.

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