Creative Ways to Improve Your Company’s Parking Lot

Parking lots are a vital part of your commercial establishments that not only provide space for customers and employees to park their cars but also impact your business growth. A good business with poor parking services is likely to lose some clients to competitors.

Therefore, you need to have a spacious and well-managed parking lot to attract and retain your target customers. Here are innovative ways to improve your company’s parking lot.

Inspect the Parking Space for Cracks

Check for cracks regularly and call experts to fix them to prevent deep irreparable damages. Big cracks can damage your customers’ cars, and thus you should get professionals to seal them on as early as possible. Don’t ignore minor cracks since the weather and vehicle traffic can deepen them within a short time.

Grow Plants

Parking cars under trees is a great idea because the shade protects vehicles from sun damage. You might, therefore, grow enough trees in your parking lot to provide shade during summer. You can also plant flowers that offer a calming, pleasant appearance.

However, you should eliminate old trees with massive branches that might fall on vehicles and cause significant damages.

Designate Employee Spaces

Your employees play a critical role in your business, and you shouldn’t forget them in your parking lot improvement endeavors. First, you might designate a space for each one of them to avoid possible conflicts every morning.

You can either assign permanent spots for each employee or switch it up occasionally, depending on what works best for them. Rotation of the parking spaces is necessary if some spots are better than others.

However, you should also keep special needs in mind as you allocate the spaces. For example, older employees should have parking spaces where they can park or drive away without any problems.

Use Parking Management Software

Advanced technology allows you to manage your parking electronically and avoid any inconveniences. You can use software to monitor the parking lot and collect fees if you charge for the service.

Your clients can also use apps on their smartphones to find empty spaces, check parking fees, or other relevant details. Some programs can also guide a driver to available parking spaces.

Introduce Valet Parking

Nothing is as embarrassing as two clients arguing over a parking space in your business premises. The situation is even worse if no one shows up to solve the issues. You can introduce valet parking to your company to solve this problem.

What is valet parking? This is a parking service where clients don’t find a parking space by themselves; a designated employee — referred to as a valet — parks for them. The customer hands over their car keys to the valet, and they receive a valet ticket that they will use to collect their vehicle.

Light It Up

Parking lots should have adequate lighting for safety and visibility purposes. Ensure clients and staff can drive or walk comfortably in your parking lot at night. However, this doesn’t mean that you should use too-bright lights since they might create deep shadows. Instead, use soft, full lights that suit the purpose.

Install Security Cameras

Along with installing lights, you should also have surveillance cameras. Security cameras will make your clients and employees feel safer and more comfortable. Also, in the event of an accident or crime, you can use the footage as evidence.

Make sure you don’t have blind spots in your parking lot where the cameras cannot monitor activities.

Repaint the Lines

Parking lot lines usually fade after some time. Once they disappear, you might begin to experience problems, such as wrong parking and poor traffic flow. Therefore, you should repaint them to enhance efficiency and give your business fresh-looking paving.

At Pinnacle Paving & Sealing, we have a team of specialists that can give your parking lot a facelift that will impress your employees and customers. If you want to enhance your parking lot, contact us today.

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