Concrete Repair and Maintenance

Over time concrete and asphalt will have potholes, break apart,  chip or get breaks in them.  These unsightly blemishes make a bad impression on the customers and employees that come to your business.  Having a maintenance plan can stop these issues from arising.  Use our Concrete and Asphalt maintenance schedule in order to lengthen the life of your hard surfaces.

Damage to your concrete and asphalt are caused by water getting beneath your surface and then freezing, spilled car fluids, Improper installation, bad quality control and improper construction before the concrete or asphalt is laid.

Pinnacle Paving can help with a proper maintenance schedule.  This will reduce the amount of major repairs and replacement you have to do in the future.  It is less expensive to maintain your surfaces than replace them.

If something does occur that damages your asphalt or concrete we are very proficient in fixing any issue that arises, including

Sealing your Asphalt or Concrete

Pothole Repair

Drainage Repair or installation

Sealing cracks in pavement

Striping Asphalt and Striping Concrete.

You are in good hands with Pinnacle Paving, we will make sure that the job is done correctly and right the first time.