Resealing Techniques

Choosing the Best Resealing Technique for Your Parking Lot

Sealcoating your parking lot serves several aesthetic and practical purposes. In addition to improving the appearance of the lot, a complete sealcoating job will also help to fill in small cracks and protect against moisture. Because sealcoating serves so many important purposes, it should be a regular part of any asphalt maintenance program. Although many…

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Asphalt Resurfacing

Benefits of Parking Lot Asphalt Resurfacing for Your Rental Property

Parking lots convey many benefits to your rental property. If you already have a parking lot, chances are it’s paved in asphalt. How good of condition is your asphalt? If it’s showing cracks and potholes, you should look into a resurfacing project. This process involves taking off the top layer of the lot and applying…

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Resurfaced Blacktop

Resurface, Replace, or Reseal: Which Is Right for Your Lot?

Your parking lot represents your business, and you want it to look inviting to your customers. If that lot is made of asphalt, then it needs maintenance from time to time to slow down wear and deterioration. Here is more information about when you need to seal, resurface, or replace your asphalt parking lot so…

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Life of a Pothole

The Life Cycle of a Pothole

Both asphalt and concrete parking lots can suffer from unsightly and treacherous potholes if damaged or neglected. But how exactly do potholes develop? And what can property managers do to prevent the conditions that encourage potholes? Here are the main phases in pothole development. Phase 1: Damage Trigger In some cases, the trigger for the…

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