Avoid Customer Frustration During Parking Lot Repavement

Every business owner with a parking lot eventually needs to take on the expense of asphalt repair or replacement. Parking lots do not last forever, and the risks of having customers drive or walk through a lot filled with potholes could become costly. The average repair to a pothole-damaged car is just over $300. Lawsuits from a slip and fall accident may cost even more.

A damaged parking lot may even cause a company to lose business. Customers may decide not to take a chance on the broken pavement and go elsewhere. Property owners that have avoided repairs because of the risk of lost sales during paving can avoid that outcome with pre-planning.  It is possible to stay in business even when a parking lot is temporarily out of order.

Look for Alternatives

The average American already spends 17 hours each year searching for a parking space. Most customers will understand if they cannot park directly in front of the business location while work takes place. Talk to neighboring business owners to see if they would share their parking lots during the paving project. Offer to lease the space or to repay them through positive advertisements.

Ask the other business owners to allow temporary signs at a leased lot to reserve the agreed-upon spaces. The signage will enable customers to know they can park there and visit another business without the risk of towing. Good signage will also keep the spots free for your intended customers.

Hit the Road

Retailers and restaurants can temporarily offer their customers delivery or to-go options. The items do not always have to go directly to the business or residence of the customer. Customers could still stop by to pick up their orders if the business has an accessible alternative entrance for direct-to-vehicle delivery safely away from the paving work.

Businesses that offer services could visit the clients in their homes or workplace. Another option is to rent a nearby coworking office space for client meetings. The original business location can stay open for other business tasks and as the main communication headquarters if desired. Many coworking companies offer reasonable short-term agreements for their clients.

Offer Parking Credits

Customers that frequent businesses with free parking may feel upset if they must put money into a parking meter or pay to park in a garage during their next visit. Offer to compensate the customers to make them feel less unhappy with the situation. Validate parking for any paying customers to ensure each customer knows you appreciate their business.

Look for other ways to make up the difference for the customers if validation seems too confusing or time-consuming for the staff. Offer a pavement-day sale where all items are 10 percent off or have a giveaway event with small gifts to thank people for stopping by when it was less convenient to do so.

Spread the Word

Make certain customers know about the upcoming pavement work as far in advance as possible. The project may take only a few days to complete, based on the size of the lot and the complexity of the project. Some customers may wish to do all their shopping before or after the project. It can reduce the amount of parking needed and prevent lost revenue.

During a paving project, the business must make certain their customers and employees can enter and leave safely. Ask the paving company what path is safest and mark this area. Also, make sure to choose a reliable paving company. At Pinnacle Paving & Sealing, we work efficiently and make the safety of everyone a priority. Contact us for an estimate or to learn more about our services.

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