5 Serious Paving Defects That Can Ruin Your Business’s Image

First impressions matter and as a business owner, you need to go the extra mile to make your business premises attractive. Research shows that customers look at the exterior appearance of a business before deciding to shop there.

High-quality paving is an easy way to improve your business’ curb appeal. With time, however, your once magnificent asphalt paving can develop problems that negatively affect your brand’s image. You should keep an eye out for such paving problems and alert a paving contractor when you notice them.

Watch for the following asphalt pavement failures that could affect your business’s image.

  1. Potholes

Poor drainage or underlying structural paving failures are largely to blame for potholes. The unsightly features can start as minor cracks and grow into a basin-shaped depression. The hole can extend to the base course of the paved surface. Potholes can cause accidents on your property and precipitate claims for compensation. Your company’s reputation may take a hit because of such negative publicity.

  1. Alligator Cracks

Alligator cracks get their name from their similarity to an alligator’s cracked back. The problem occurs when the paved surface experiences structural weaknesses. A weak base or subgrade could lead to such structural defects. Poor surface water flow can also bring about these cracks.

When an alligator crack appears, you need to contact an asphalt expert immediately. The small cracks can deteriorate further to the bottom of the asphalt surface. When people visit your business premises, they note such failures and this is the first impression they get of your business.

  1. Block Paving Cracks

Block cracks form characteristic rectangular shapes on asphalt surfaces. Unlike the alligator type of cracking, these cracks develop due when the asphalt layer shrinks. When temperatures fluctuate, poor asphalt binder cannot expand and contract accordingly and the pressure leads to these cracks.

Another potential cause of these cracks is incorrect mixing of materials when paving. An experienced paver can test the underlying cause of the cracks and find a permanent solution.

  1. Longitudinal Paving Cracks

Longitudinal asphalt paving cracks run in the direction of application. If you have an asphalt driveway or parking lot, this is a problem to watch out for as it suggests serious underlying issues. Poorly constructed joints, asphalt movements, or base course cracking are some probable causes of these cracks.

An asphalt professional examines the problem and determines whether to seal the cracks or excavate to identify the root cause of the cracks.

  1. Depressions

Depressions are low-lying areas on an asphalt pavement that develop over some time. The primary cause is poor compaction of the underlying pavement layers. It might not look serious and some property owners can ignore it. However, the depression can expand with time because of heavy load and water damage.

When water settles in the depression, the top asphalt layer deteriorates. The damage extends to the lower layers and eventually, you have a gaping hole that poses a risk to the business’s visitors.

An experienced asphalt professional can treat the problem permanently. They mark the damaged section, cut it off, and reveal the damage underneath. The contractor then replaces the poor sub-grade and other materials before finishing off with a new patch of asphalt at the top.

Asphalt paving offers multiple benefits to your business. It transforms the empty area around the property into potentially functional space and adds to the aesthetics. Any damage to the paved area requires immediate repairs by a qualified asphalt paving contractor.

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