3 Asphalt Myths to Avoid

With numerous pavement options available, very few match the reliability and durability of asphalt pavement. But still, some individuals are skeptical about this pavement solution due to misinformation. Read this guide to distinguish asphalt pavement misconceptions from facts.

  1. Asphalt Pavement Is Not Affordable

Most people automatically assume that asphalt is only ideal for established businesses and the wealthy. But that is further from reality.

Anyone can afford asphalt pavement. And while the overhead costs of asphalt installation may seem expensive, the solution helps you save money.

Asphalt Is Reusable

Asphalt pavement is among the most commonly recycled materials in America. The country recycles approximately 81% of asphalt from roads each year. This process means that you don’t need to haul in new materials each time you want to repair your pavement. Instead, you can trust experts to recycle the old material and ensure they maintain the quality of the original pavement.

Asphalt Requires Minimal Maintenance

Asphalt pavement demands minimal care effort to maintain its durability and aesthetics. Therefore, you can count on the solution to serve you for decades without the need for repairs or replacement. Thus, the value you get from asphalt pavement usually exceeds the amount of money you spend on it.

  1. Asphalt Pavement Is Not Environment-Friendly

The misconception about asphalt being an environmental pollutant was valid decades ago, primarily due to the emission of high-level carbon print. But things are different today, thanks to technological advancements.

Production companies now leverage advanced equipment and techniques to produce asphalt without the release of a significant carbon print to the environment. Moreover, the companies must adhere to the Environment Protection Agency’s rules that govern their production processes.

Besides, as outlined earlier, asphalt is reusable. This process minimizes the amount of raw material production and transportation in each project. Less production means more benefits to the environment.

  1. DIY Asphalt Pavement Installation Is Less Expensive Than Professional Installation

In an attempt to save money, you may consider the idea of DIY asphalt pavement installation. You may think that if you watch online installation tutorials, you are good to go and don’t need to hire a contractor for the same.

The truth is that DIY asphalt installation is the first step to failure and money wastage. So whether for a pavement installation or repair, discover reasons not to do it yourself.

You May Not Understand the Parts of a Paving Project

Asphalt pavement involves different parts:

  • The base
  • The subgrade surface
  • The drainage
  • The finishing product

If you skip or interchange any of these parts, your pavement cannot serve you as efficiently as it should. It will likely wear prematurely and necessitate repairs or replacements.

You May Lack the Necessary Tools for the Job

Besides skills and experience, you need the right tools and equipment for proper asphalt pavement installation. Otherwise, you will likely do an incomplete job that will cause untimely deterioration. In addition, if you decide to purchase the equipment, you will often spend hundreds of dollars on machinery that you only need to use occasionally.

Therefore, hiring expert asphalt installation contractors for your pavement installation or repair project is advisable. The specialists have the experience and skills to do the job correctly.

Moreover, if you hire professionals, you save more time that you can spend on other productive tasks that will earn you more than you spend on the contractors.

Now that you can differentiate asphalt misconceptions and facts, you are in a better position to make a sound decision. If you feel that this pavement solution is right for you, we are your go-to contractor for your installation project. Contact us at Pinnacle Paving & Sealing today for timely and reliable commercial asphalt pavement solutions.